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Med Spa vs. Day Spa Questions and Answers

Med spas offer it all – from pampering to cosmetic enhancing treatments. Spa Blue Skin Care & Laser Center specializes in skincare, laser, and aesthetics. Call us today or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Orlando FL, Bay Hill FL, Oak Ridge FL, Windermere FL, Gotha FL, Belle Isle FL and Kissimmee FL.

Med Spa vs. Day Spa - Spa Blue Skin Care & Laser Center in Orlando, FL
Med Spa vs. Day Spa - Spa Blue Skin Care & Laser Center in Orlando, FL

What’s the actual difference between a med spa and a day spa?

Ask anyone, and they will most likely tell you that a day spa and med spa are the same thing. However, on closer inspection, you will notice there is a big difference between the two. Let’s start with day spas. The common treatments they offer include massages, stone massages, facials, and makeup applications. Some also offer hair salon services that include coloring, styling, and cutting. Med spas on the other hand offer high-quality medical procedures that help change your body for the better, and mainly offer treatments for skin conditions, like acne, aging skin, hair removal, and more.

What does a full-service spa mean?

A full-service spa offers the works: pedicures, manicures, massages, facials, electrolysis, exfoliation, wraps and packs, and hair styling. Services offered are usually in a combined package so that guests stay longer, like two to four hours, and in some cases all day.

Why should you visit a Med Spa?

Med spas are popular as they are one of the most rapidly growing and exciting areas in medicine: they offer medical-grade aesthetic procedures in a calming environment. And they offer lots of “rejuvenation skin treatments” that include restoring volume loss in the face, laser hair removal, acne therapy, laser therapy for skin damage, and medical-grade facials and peels. Med spas are required to operate under the guidance of a medical professional, like a doctor, plastic surgeon or dermatologist, and they also sell medical-grade skin care products complimenting the treatments. They also are a wealth of information for clients – offering everyone sound advice and treatment plans for better skincare and healthy living. They will provide you with all the right information you need to keep your skin healthy through diet and exercise plans, like with yoga and meditation.

What services are offered at the Spa Blue Skin Care & Laser Center?

Spa Blue Skin Care & Laser Center offers a number of unique services that will make you feel new again: dermal fillers, PRP (platelet rich plasma), lip fillers, chemical peels, dermaplaning, microblading, and laser hair and laser tattoo removal.

How do I pick which aesthetic service is right for me?

When it comes to your skin and skincare treatments, you want to make sure you go to the best aesthetic clinic that will work with you to develop the right skincare plan. You want to find a clinic that promotes having regulated professionals and a medical doctor. This will show that their professionals will provide the best standard of care, which is important since you will be having one or more treatments to your skin. You also want to work with a clinic that provides an in-depth consultation. Getting the chance for a consultation allows you to tour the med spa, meet the team of professionals, check out the technology, and ask questions you may have about treatments. The consultation is also the chance for the doctor or members of the team to ask important questions, like: What is your current skincare routine? What products are you using? What procedures have you already had done? What medications or supplements are you using? What health conditions do you have? Have you had any recent surgeries or dental work? What is your budget and overall goals for skin rejuvenation? Are you comfortable with non-invasive or invasive procedures? What is your diet and exercise plan? Do you have any special events coming up? And how did you find our clinic?

Also, a reputable aesthetic clinic will have before and after pictures, and reviews too, so check those out. Make sure you also ask others for advice, and make sure the clinic is transparent when it comes to pricing and follow-up treatments. The more you do your homework, will help ensure you are choosing the right clinic.

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