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Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions at Spa Blue Skin Care & Laser Center in Orlando, FL

Royal Monthly Membership

Spa Blue Royal Monthly Membership $249
• 1 Free Laser Treatment (LHR or IPL)
• OR 1 Free Body Contour Treatment (Small Area)
• 1 Blue Facial
• 1 B12 Shot
Special Member’s Only Pricing: 10% off on all Regular Priced Services & Products
Also Includes Member’s Only Specials!

Platinum Monthly Membership

Spa Blue Platinum Monthly Membership $149
• 1 Blue Facial
• 1 B12 Shot
Special Member’s Only Pricing: 10% off on all Regular Priced Services & Products
Also Includes Member’s Only Specials!

Joining Spa Blue:

Both new and existing patients are eligible to join. After the registration form is completed, a patient coordinator will assist you with putting a card on file and establishing your billing date.

Promotional Rates, Offers & Privileges:

As a Spa Blue Member you will receive club member only rates, exclusive offers, and any additional membership privileges are guaranteed so long as you remain in good standing, including but not limited to monthly payments and paying any remaining balance at your visit. These rates and offers cannot be given, purchased, or transferred to another person who is not a member. Spa Blue purchases made with rates cannot be transferred. Rates and offers cannot be combined with any additional promotions or offers. Rates, offers, and privileges are subject to change at any time without notice.
Membership cannot be combined with any packages or promotions.

Monthly Billing:

An active card on file is required for membership. Your account will be billed on either the 1st or 15th of each month (Determined by your date of sign up) for $249.00 per month or $199.00 per month based on plan you’ve enrolled in. By signing you agree that your Monthly Payments will be automatically withdrawn every 1st or 15th, these will continue until you cancel your membership (see cancellation terms in sec 6. You may not move, stop or delay payments, by doing so your membership may result in a permanent or temporary cancellation. You authorize Spa Blue to continue to charge your card monthly and for any additional services that are rendered. If your available funds are not enough to cover the cost of your procedure being done you will be required to pay the remaining balance the day, they are preformed prior to leaving the office.

Unsuccessful Payments:

In accordance with applicable law, the first attempt to collect any fee under this agreement is unsuccessful, we may make additional attempts to collect from any/ all payment methods you provide us, and a $50 service fee will be applied for each instance we submit or re-submit such payment request and it is returned uncollectable for any reason including but not limited to: Insufficient funds, expired or canceled payments, overdrafts or closed accounts. We are not liable for any fees charged by your financial institution in the event a payment request is returned uncollectable. Failure to pay your balance will result in back paying for any payments missed and termination of account.

SPA BLUE CARD DECLINES: If your card on file declines, we will make several attempts to reach you. Members who do not update their card on file for membership within one month of a card decline will automatically be canceled and not be able to rejoin. If the card declines within the first 3 months of membership, you will be subject to an early cancelation fee of $249 to book a future appointment.


A 12 months commitment is required to join Spa Blue Membership. If your cancellation date is within the first 12 months, you will be required to pay a fee of $249. This cancellation fee will not go towards your membership. A written request must be written to Once your cancellation request is received it will be processed within 3 business days. There are NO REFUNDS. All sales are final. Your membership is still valid for the remaining 30 days once cancellation has processed, and the remaining funds paid will be put towards your available funds. If you do not use the funds within the 30 days before your membership ends, you will be required to pay for any services, treatments, or products at full price. Once your membership has officially ended, you will no longer have access to members only rates, offers, and privileges. If you decide to reinstate your membership, you may be required to pay a registration fee at sign up and your membership will begin as if it is new, on the reinstated date. You may reinstate your membership up to 2 (two) times in accordance with the terms.

Additional Terms & Conditions:


  • Spa Blue and You agree that by signing this agreement, you purchased a membership or service and agree to all the terms in this agreement. It is your responsibility to notify Spa Blue of any changes in your address, phone number or name change.


  • Physical Condition & No Medical Advice: You represent that you are in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that might prevent you from receiving med spa services. As such, you acknowledge that Spa Blue did not give you medical clearance relating to your ability to obtain said services. If you have any health or medical concerns now or after you join, discuss them with your physician prior to receiving services.
  • Liability for Property: Spa Blue is not liable to you or your guest(s) for any personal property that is damaged, lost, or stolen while on or around Spa Blue premises including, but limited to, a vehicle or its contents or any property left in or around Spa Blue facilities. If you or your guest cause any damage to Spa Blue facilities, you are liable to Spa Blue for its cost of repair or replacement.
  • Entire Agreement & Enforcement: You acknowledge that neither Spa Blue, nor anyone else, made any representations or promises upon which you relied that are not stated in this agreement. This document contains the entire agreement between you and Spa Blue and replaces any oral or other written agreement. If a court declares any part of this agreement invalid, it will not invalidate the remaining parts, which continue unaffected. If Spa Blue does not enforce any right in this agreement for any reason, Spa Blue does not waive its right to enforce it later.


  • General: Your membership permits you to receive discounted pricing for services performed at Spa Blue. Your membership is subject to all current company policies, rules and limitation. Your membership gives you no rights in Spa Blue, its management, property or operation. Spa Blue may assign, transfer or cancel your membership in its sole discretion. Spa Blue can offer memberships at different rates and terms than yours.


  • You agree to follow Spa Blue membership policies and spa rules. Spa Blue may, in its sole discretion, modify the policies and any spa rule without notice at any time. Spa rules vary by location and all signs posted in a spa or on the premises or verbal communication shall be considered a part of the rules of Spa Blue. Spa Blue reserves the right to refund the prorated cost of unused services and terminate your membership immediately for violation of any membership policy or spa rule.


  • Spa Blue reserves the right at any time to delete, discontinue, modify, or replace any services without any effect on this agreement. Spa Blue also reserves the right to make changes to quantity services offered and to alter the hours of operation in Spa Blue discretion. You will be offered priority booking however you acknowledge that the services in the facilities are available subject to demand and are offered on a “first come first serve basis”. Spa Blue does not guarantee appointment availability or availability to be seen with specific providers. Spa Blue highly recommends all patients pre-book appointments to ensure they will be seen on a date and time that works best for their schedule. By joining this membership, you have read and understand the booking policy at Spa Blue.


  • You may use your Spa Blue balance at your appointment to cover either your full balance or partial balance, if applicable. If the balance for treatment, service, or products rendered at your appointment is greater than your available Spa Blue balance, you must pay the remainder either prior or immediately after the service.
  • Spa Blue Membership requires an active card on file to process the recurring monthly payment to your bank, your remainder balance (if any) at your appointment, and any additional fees you may incur.
  • Payment Authorization: You have full control over the payment authorization and can cancel your membership by notifying Spa Blue in writing with a 30-day notice. You must complete the final billing cycle within the 30 days to cancel. You must notify Spa Blue within 30 days of a claimed error on your bank statement or credit card statement. If you claim your monthly dues were not stopped when you told Spa Blue, you must have written proof or Spa Blue will not reimburse you for any deductions which you claim should not have been deducted.
  • Charges & Taxes: Spa Blue has the right to add to your prepaid dues or to your monthly dues any tax imposed by the government. Spa Blue also has the right to add any utility charges or surcharges to your prepaid dues and monthly dues.
  • Deposit, Cancellation, and No-Show Policy: $50 Deposit must remain in bank to hold appointments. That is to hold appointment time. We sincerely ask that our clients provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice if you are unable to keep the time we have reserved for your appointment. Any cancellation or rescheduling’s made less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will result in a cancellation fee of $50. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your service, we may not be able to accommodate you. In this case, the same cancellation fee will apply. We will do our best to reschedule your service for another time that is convenient to you if we are unable to accommodate you on your original appointment date. Each time a patient misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another patient is prevented from receiving care. Therefore, Spa Blue reserves the right to charge a fee of $50 for all missed appointments (“no show”). Any fees for last-minute rescheduling, cancellations, or no-shows will be subtracted from your Spa Blue balance if applicable. If your Spa Blue balance does not have the funds required to pay the balance, your card on file will be charged. Your monthly Spa Blue balance will be charged at its usual time and additional fees will not impact on your payment schedule. If you cancel with-in 48 hours or no show more than 1 (one) time you will be required to put a $100 non-refundable deposit for all future appointments.
  • Spa Blue Member Payment Schedule:
    Monthly Membership Payments for available funds
    (processed on either the 1st or the 15th of each month): $149